Bank name: MKB Bank Zrt.
Bank address: 1056 Budapest, Váci u. 38.

Account holder: Krisna-völgy Indiai Kulturális Központ és Biofarm
Account holder address: H-8699 Somogyvámos Gauranga tér 1.

HUF account
Account number: 10300002-10632279-49020014
IBAN: HU09 1030 0002 1063 2279 4902 0014

EUR account
Account number: 10300002-10632279-48820017
IBAN: HU35 1030 0002 1063 2279 4882 0017

Both HUF and EUR accounts can accept any currency. Currency exchange rate will be calculate on the day the funds are received in our account.

In the Notice please write this: Shyama Handmade